DELICIOUS DINNERS understands that sometimes in our life there are times that cooking can get a little too much.

DELICIOUS DINNERS are ideal for people who are too busy or looking after a loved one or simply when you just donít feel like cooking.

DELICIOUS DINNERS are prepared by experienced Chefs and are cooked to traditional home-style recipes to achieve mouth watering meals ,soups and desserts that are delivered to your door.


DELICIOUS DINNERS are delivered on high quality white porcelain plates that are suitable for conventional and microwave ovens. Heating instructions are simple and easy, no pots and pans to clean. Or you have to do is simply heat and serve.

DELICIOUS DINNERS are delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and order's placed by 12 noon the day before delivery. Empty plates will be collected on the next delivery day.

DELICIOUS DINNERS always appreciates the people they deliver to, so in thanks we offer all our customers a FREE MEAL on their birthday.

DELICIOUS DINNERS also offers a 10% discount for all Seniors Card members and Gift Vouchers are also available for that special person.

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